Jeffrey Schloss

Professor of Biology at Westmont University

Dr. Schloss has been at Westmont since 1981. His special loves are taking students into the field (including the alpine meadows of Yosemite, Michigan northwoods, rainforests of Costa Rica, and barrier islands of New Zealand); doing shoulder to shoulder research with students out of class; exploring the fascinating relationships between biology and Christian faith. Whenever possible, he enjoys dropping in on students at Serena Point. In addition to his work at Westmont, he holds visiting faculty appointments in several programs here and abroad, serves on numerous international editorial & advisory boards related to science and religion, and writes & speaks widely on biology and faith.


  • B.S. Biology, Wheaton College
  • Ph.D. Ecology/Evolutionary, Washington University
  • Postbaccalaureate Field Study
    • University of Virginia Mountain Lake Biological Station
    • University of Michigan Douglas Lake Biological Station

Selected Honors/Awards

  • Danforth Fellow
  • AAAS Mass-Media Fellow in Science Communication
  • Monroe Outstanding Teacher Award (Three times)
  • Westmont College Faculty Research Award
  • Charter Member, International Society of Science & Religion


  • Field Courses: General Ecology; Physiological Ecology; Tropical Ecology
  • Integrative Courses: Biology & Faith; Biology, Values, & the Developing World; Bioethics Seminar


  • Disciplinary: Ecophysiological adaptations of poikilohyric organims; vasotocin’s mode of action in anuran amphibians; biphysical adaptations of sun/shade lichens to canopy-mediated microclimates
  • Integrative: Evolutionary accounts of human altruism, morality, and religious cognition; theological and philosophical implications of evolutionary theory.