Pieter Kruit

Prof. Physics at Delft University

Pieter Kruit is full professor of physics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has had the chair in charged particle optics since 1989, after obtaining his PhD at the University of Amsterdam on multiphoton ionization of noble gas atoms and holding a research position at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

He is the author of over 100 publications in refereed journals (see “publications” on this site) and more than 30 international patents. Among other responsibilities, he has been the editor of Ultramicroscopy, Chairman of the 5th International Conference on Charged Particle Optics (CPO-5), Program Chairman of MNE2004, president of the Dutch Society for Microscopy and department head of Applied Physics. He is now director of education for the physics BSc. program.

He is also involved in MAPPER Lithography B.V., a company he founded in 2000, now employing over 140 physicists and engineers.

His present interests include electron and ion optics, high throughput e-beam lithography, sub 20nm (down to 1nm) e-beam lithography, novel electron and ion sources and MEMS applications in electron optics.