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WHO CARES? – An open discussion about empathy fatigue

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There is so much happening in the world that needs our attention. Just as the Covid-crisis seems to fade away, we face a recession, human rights violations in Qatar, and war in Ukraine. These are just the hot topics that draw our first attention. In the background, we are still aware of an ongoing refugee crisis, and ecological disaster and Yemen has been a mess ever since we were born. Condemn this, form an opinion about that, and haven’t you heard about this!?

As the news flashes in front of our eyes, we can experience a sense of numbness. We know the tragedy of what we read, but find ourselves to be (surprisingly) apathetic. Most of the time this apathy is not born not out of wanting to be apathetic, but out of feeling overwhelmed. The overload of tragedy leaves us empathetically numb and often unable to move, mostly against our own will. How does this happen? What can we do against it? Do we really want it to change? What is our empathic will? What is our duty? How does religion play a role in this? This is a topic that is relatable for students of all backgrounds and within all disciplines. It raises questions that address ideology, individuals, and societies, all from both secular and religious perspectives. Voor meer informatie: https://linktr.ee/veritasforummaastricht

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