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Veritas cafe: Your soul and your identity

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This evening is the first of two (click here for the second) in which we will talk about our personalities. Peter Payne will talk with us about our soul and our identity.

Personal identity is the set of characteristics that make a person the same person at two different times and distinguish them from other persons. A person, both the mental and physical part of the person, change throughout life, but his/her identity remains the same. 

Christians have a different view of identity: the identity of a Christian lies outside this world. In a soul that is in connection with God and that God made and therefore already existed before. Christians see their identity as being a ‘child of God’.

But the idea of ​​the soul is not just something that Christians have come up with. Aristotle already spoke of it: That which makes you alive. 

So what makes us who we are? Is it just simply a few hormones and genes? Or is there something more?

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Peter, as a Christian philosopher (PhD, Claremont Graduate University), loves reasoned reflection and discussion on issues related to the Christian faith. He worked for 21 years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, first with undergraduates, then with graduate students and professors. Together with his wife, Peter has a heart for minestry and sharing his knowledge, especially with students.

  Posted by Het Veritas-forum on Saturday, April 16, 2022

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